Speed Hack for Mu Philippines

Speed Hack for Mu Philippines

by admin on Sep.02, 2009, under Hack MU Online

This is only for Mu Philippines.
This is already with instruction inside.
Just extract and read instruction.
Happy hacking. Enjoy.


Compliments from “TheKILLER”


1.) EXTRACT Program_PH.rar to any drive you wish.
2.) Open Program_PH Folder and 2x click Program.exe
3.) Click Find and Browse for your main.exe usually at C:\Program Files\Webzen\Mu
4.) Click Launch
5.) When you see the Server Press ALT+F4
4.) Open Program.exe again.
5.) When you see the Server again, choose your server and input you username and password very fast.
6.) Select your character very fast and enter.
7.) At loading screen (Map) Input this very fast:
%hitcount 500 (you can choose from 200 to 1000)
if you want to enable autokill also input this very fast
%ak 1
%stopak 0
8.) That’s all happy hacking!

When you get disconnected after inputing this codes that means you didn’t put this code very fast.
Try putting only %hitcount 500 till you succeeded. Then when you can type it very fast you can try to type the rest. Try and try and surely you will succeed.

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